SomerkersfeesThe fourth CD, Somerkersfees, recorded in 2002, was a most ambitious project. It was done in collaboration with COSA (Chamber Orchestra of South Africa) and leading soloists. Contemporary interpretations of familiar music provide a fresh listening experience. The CD covers a wide spectrum of music and as such appeals to a diverse audience. The project has been well supported by the media, the public and other institutions, including RSG, Classic FM and Select Music Record Company. The album had the distinction of reaching 16th place on the Classic FM top 20!

Track List

  1. Kersfees wiegelied – John Rutter (choir, with organist, Wim Viljoen)
  2. Hallelujah – melody by Melchior Vulpius, arr. Odd Johan Overøye (choir and Chamber Orchestra of South Africa)
  3. Adagio – From: Sonata for Flute no. 4, J.S. Bach (Organ: Wim Viljoen; Saxophone: Marc Botha)
  4. Somerkersfees - Koos du Plessis, arr. Niel van der Watt (Choir and orchestra)
  5. Kom alle getroues – melody by John Reading, arr. Wim Viljoen (Organ: Wim Viljoen)
  6. Eerste kersfees – Chris Lamprecht (Choir, with guitarist, Charl Lamprecht)
  7. Maria Wiegenlied – Max Reger (Soprano, Erica Eloff, with organist, Wim Viljoen)
  8. Herders op die ope velde - Old French Chrismas melody (Organ: Wim Viljoen; Guitar: Charl Lamprecht)
  9. Hoor die blye tyding – Friedrich Silcher, arr. Niel van der Watt (Female choir, and orchestra)
  10. Allegro – From: Concerto for two oboes and strings, Tomaso Albinoni (COSA)
  11. O come, o come Emmanual – melody by T. Helmore, arr. Niel van der Watt (Female choir, and orchestra)
  12. O die goeie tyding – folk song, arr. Niel van der Watt (Male choir, and orchestra)
  13. Ave Maria – J.S. Bach/Charles Gounod (Soprano, Erica Eloff, with organist, Wim Viljoen)
  14. Kom kinders besing – Johann Schultz, arr. Niel van der Watt (Female choir, and orchestra)
  15. Cantate Domino - Enrico Bossi (Choir; organ: Wim Viljoen; and trumpets: Anton Delen and Walter Johannes)
  16. Panis Angelicus - César Franch (Choir; soprano: Erica Eloff; and organ: Wim Viljoen)
  17. Dogter van Sion – melody by G.F. Händel, arr. Per Oddvar Hildre (Choir and orchestra)
  18. In Palenstina’s velde – folk song, arr. Chris Lamprecht (Female ensemble with guitarist, Charl Lamprecht)
  19. O Holy Night – Adolphe Adam, arr. John Rutter (Choir; organ: Wim Viljoen; and soprano: Erica Eloff)
  20. O Nag der nagte – Niel van der Watt, text: Hennie Aucamp (Choir and orchestra; soloist: Christo Burger)
  21. Stille Nag – Franz Gruber, arr. Johann van der Sandt, with recognition to Niel van der Watt, Chris Lamprecht and John Rutter (Choir and orchestra)