Lux Aeterna

The sixth CD, Lux Aeterna, serves as a tribute to all Singkronies singers who have been a part of the choir under the leadership of Johann van der Sandt. It represents a wide array of musical styles and contains music by both local and international composers. The title refers to God’s revelation of Himself to the world through his Son, Jesus Christ, and through the work of the Holy Spirit. The CD was produced in 2010 and consists of recordings from 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Track list

  1. Bogoróditse devo – Sergei Rachmaninov
  2. Shestopsalmie – Sergei Rachmaninov
  3. Kvalíte ímia ghospód?eSergei Rachmaninov
  4. Tebe poyem Peter Tchaikovsky
  5. Blazhéni yázhe izbrálPeter Tchaikovsky
  6. Christus factus est Anton Bruckner
  7. When David heard – Eric Whitacre
  8. O Crux – Knut Nystedt
  9. Lux Aurumque – Eric Whitacre
  10. Lux Aeterna – Brian Schmidt
  11. I thank you God… Eric Whitacre
  12. John the Revelator – trad. arr. P. Caldwell & S. Ivory
  13. MLK – U2 arr. Bob Chilcott
  14. Dansgebed – Peter-Louis van Dijk
  15. A boy and a girl – Eric Whitacre