Acclaimed tenor and conductor, Nicholas Nicolaidis has recently been appointed as the conductor of Singkronies, and the first project under his leadership begins in January 2014.

Previous conductors

  • Dr Johann van der Sandt (1996-2008)
  • Lhente-mari Pitout (2009-2011)
  • Charlotte Botha (2012-2013)

The choir was initially established as a project choir in 1996, and was conducted by Dr Johann van der Sandt until 2008, when he accepted the position of Musical Director at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School.

In 2009 Lhente-Mari Pitout was appointed conductor, and stayed with the choir until 2011. During this time the choir operated with a full annual repertoire, and also participated in bigger works with partners like the Brooklyn Theatre.

The choir was re-established as an adult project choir in September 2012 under the direction of Charlotte Botha, who left to accept a position as the second conductor and music teacher at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School in September 2013.

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